Day 4: Beauty

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As always, begin with the Prayer of Abandonment.

Ladies, when was the last time you unleashed your inner diva on your husband, for no reason other than to remind him of the girl he married? When was the last time he noticed the sparkle in your eye, the music in your laugh, the many evidences of care and hominess you put into your home, to make it a place you all want to be?

What’s that? Your inner diva got lost in the wash? Your Marie Kondo is a Kon-Don’t? It’s okay … Lent is a time for new beginnings. You can always start over!

Today’s theme is beauty. It’s one of the transcendent virtues that (along with truth and goodness) have whispered of the very nature of God since the beginning of time . . . and how we, as creatures made in God’s image, reveal a glimpse of God’s original design as well as our eternal destiny.

A few months back I felt as though we needed to add a bit of fun to our lives, and bought a couple of seats to our local “Wine and Paint” club. Neither of us is particularly handy with a paint brush, but it’s amazing what a bottle of wine and a plate of tapas will do for creative juices! See?

Date night

It can be easy to lose sight of beauty when both you and your husband lounge around the house for days at a time in your PJs (telecommuting does have its perks, but it’s important not to save the best of ourselves for the outside world!). So go ahead, surprise your husband with a special lunch. Invest in a pretty pajama set. Rock out the house with the classical arias or alternative rock albums that make his pulse flutter. Revel in YOUR kind of beauty.

One of the gifts of the vocation of marriage is that we become icons of beauty for our husbands, often in the most unexpected ways, as they see the light of love shining in our eyes. Something to think about.

And so, tonight after the kids are in bed, pour yourselves a glass of wine, linger over a lovely table, and together, thank God for the beauty of your marriage.

How are you celebrating  beauty today? Why not share with us on Facebook at “The 40 Day Challenge”?

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