Praying Across America: See National Parks and Shrines of the U.S. with Us!

Once upon a time, my husband Craig was an avid nature explorer. Before he met me, he would regularly throw on a backpack, hop on his bike and explore mile after mile of God’s green earth. Sometimes he went on his own. Sometimes with friends. But always with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. It was what he loved.

Then he met me. Between my cooking and my couch potato ways … and our mutual desire to start a family … well, it’s been a while since Nature Boy made an appearance.

But today, that’s about to change. Today we took the first step on an adventure that has us both excited. Craig, because he is going to get to see all the National Parks of the U.S. over the course of the next few years. Me, because there are no porta-potties involved. Wanna see? Here, take a look.

Jayco 212QB 2019

Isn’t she beautiful? There’s a surprising amount of space inside this Jayco 2019 212QB. Bathroom (shower, sink, toilet), kitchen (microwave, stove, sink, even a little oven!), couch, dining area … and a queen-sized bed that my king-sized husband can fit if he scrunches just a little. It is the perfect size for our family … and makes us both happy because my husband can fulfill his heart’s desire to see all the national parks in the continental U.S. and I don’t have to give up indoor plumbing. Bliss.

We had thought about waiting until it was just the two of us to embark upon this journey. But the more we thought about it, the less sense that made. Mom has been with us for two years now, and Chris and Sarah are technically adults but no where near ready to launch. Craig and I are still working (remotely) full time, but as long as we have a reliable Internet connection, we’re good.

So in April we start our first trip: Virginia (Shennandoah NP), Tennesee (Smoky Mountain NP) and Kentucky (Mammoth Cave NP). In between we’ll be stopping at other little historical parks and shrines. I think I feel another book coming on.

Care to join us? I’ll post here as we go … feel free to chime in with any tips you care to share. And if we’re in your area, feel free to give us a shout-out. Like I said, we do have a shower … and a built in picnic shade. It could be a lot of fun!

So … Here is the little logo I created when I plan to post on our travels. Feel free to sign up if you want to be on the mailing list. You never know when we’ll be in your neighborhood!

Love, Craig and Heidi, Chris and Sarah … Sandy, Maddie, and Gretta (the last two are dogs).