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Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta is a book of short daily meditations features short daily readings based on inspirational thoughts from the life and writings of Mother Teresa. What does this “saint of the slums” have in common with you and me? Pick up a copy of this book and find out! Available through Franciscan Media,  Amazon.com … or you can buy one or more autographed copies from me through Paypal. (Thank you!)

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Also available: Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta. This book has a similar format, with readings from the first day of Advent throughout the new year. Available from Franciscan Media, or you can buy one or more autographed copies from me through Paypal. (Thanks for your support!)


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My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories was probably one of my very favorite writing projects (though Thomas Nelson decided not to put my name on the cover, I appreciate their giving me a chance to compile the book for them). Catechism excerpts, Old and New Testament readings, and lots of bonus features enhance the Scripture text (NRSV). Available through Amazon.com – available in red or blue.






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Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments

This practical little resource book examines each of the seven deadly sins through the lens of motherhood, as well as the “spiritual antidote.” If you struggle with anger, greed, or laziness, this book will help you map out a healthier life plan!

Written from the perspective of one who is still very much “in the trenches,” Raising Up Mommy offers a reassuring look at the role of motherhood — and what God can do in the life of a woman who offers herself completely back to God.

This book is available through the Women of Grace Online Store.

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