EMN Mailbag: “Raising Up Mommy” for Lent!

730-clubAre you looking for a book for a study group or book group? Here’s a letter from one group of ladies who are working their way through my book Raising Up Mommy for Lent! If you order six or more copies, I toss in a free video to kick off your study. To order, just go to my website. God bless you!

Hello, Heidi!
You may or may not remember me, but I took your picture last year at St. Charles in Greenville (at the Women’s Conference you spoke at) while you were at prayer in front of the Blessed Mother…  regardless, I am writing on behalf of a group of women; this morning we dubbed ourselves the 7:30 Club because that’s when we meet(!) on Tuesdays.  We started meeting for Lent, and chose your book to work through, “Raising Up Mommy”, and we’re loving it!  Thank you so much for your insights and honesty- wish you could physically be here for all the laughs and encouragement as we go along, yes, and tears, too.  Be encouraged- next Tuesday (March 31st) we will be saying a prayer for your intentions bright and early in the morning!
God Bless,
The 7:30 Club
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dear Friends: Of COURSE I remember you … It’s one of my favorite pictures! You live so close … Maybe we can have tea one day soon!  Blessings, Heidi

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