Day 12: Gratitude

 Start with the Prayer of Abandonment.

“Gratitude” is generosity’s virtuous sister. Those who are thankful tend to find it easier to be generous than those who consider themselves “self-made.”

As I was researching material for Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta, I came across a quote for which I was unable to find the original source (and so did not use it in the book), but I think it has a special application to today’s theme and so I wanted to share it with you. It is said that in her children’s home in Calcutta (Shishu Bhavan), one of her older girls died. This is how Mother eulogized her:

“When God gave you to me he never said that you were mine, that I could keep you always — only borrowed for a time. Now, he’s called you home, I’m sad and I shed tears. Yet, I’m glad he loaned you to me and we had these many years.”

I think these words of gratitude can be applied quite nicely to marriage, as well. Our spouses are not our property, to do with as we please. No, they are gifts God gives us to help us progress in the School of Love, to be fit for heaven.

Today is the day we are going to celebrate, to thank God for, the gift of each other. When you look at your spouse, what makes you most grateful that God loaned him to you “for a time”? How are you going to express your gratitude today?


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