Sts. Julian and Basilissa: A Saintly Love Story (The Love Project, Day 9)

saints-julian-and-basilissa-martyrsToday we celebrate the feast of Sts. Julian and Basilissa, a married couple who were early 4th century martyrs. SQPN summarizes their lives here. Although they were married, they agreed to live as celibates, and used their home as a hospital for as many as 1000 indigent men and women at a time. St. Julian was put to death under Diocletian — it is unclear whether Basilissa was martyred or died a natural death.

Today’s Love in Action: Even in marriage, Sts. Julian and Basilissa decided to pour themselves wholly into the work at hand, raising up spiritual children for the sake of the kingdom of God. How does their story speak to your situation today?

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