Wee Cook Wednesday: Pastie Time!

pastiesToday I found this link for a wonderful lunchtime or quick supper (if made ahead and frozen) treat at Aussie Therese’s blog. Pasties are a popular dish here in Michigan … a fair amount of work, but worth it!

I was especially intrigued by this recipe, which calls for puff pastry instead of pie dough (which can be a hassle). I’m “translating” the recipe into American measurements here:


1kg carrots (about 2 pounds, or 10-12 carrots)
1 kg potatoes (6-8 medium).
500 grams onions (3 medium onions).
18 sheets frozen puff pastry.
(For the carnivores in the crowd, you can also add 1 pound sausage or ground beef, cooked and drained well. Also, Michigan pasties often have small cubes of rutabegga — 1 medium sized root should do it. You’ll need more puff pastry if you add these things…)

Great for lunch boxes!