“The Role of Mass Communications in Evangelization” – Thanks, Lisa!

Today I picked this up on Lisa Wheeler’s Facebook page … I thought it a good one to share with CWCO attendees, and have taken the liberty of setting in bold some of my favorite quotes.

Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, on the theme of “The Role of Mass Communications in Evangelization.”

I would like to begin my talk this afternoon with two quotations from the recently deceased Cardinal Avery Dulles. The first quotation sees Dulles grappling with the inner mystery of the Trinity: “The Trinity is communication in absolute, universal perfection, a totally free and complete sharing among equals. In generating the Son as word, the Father totally expresses himself … the Holy Spirit completes the intradivine process of communication” (The Craft of Theology, From Symbol to System. 1992). Continue reading