Fun Fridays: Going to Detroit? How about Ann Arbor?

handsonHaving lived in Michigan so long (near Ann Arbor), Detroit was bound to come up as a “Fun Friday.”

Fortunately, someone already did the legwork for me! Thanks, Delicious Day!

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t make it to Detroit very often apart from multiple trips to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. greenfield village We owned a membership, and always did our best to make the most of it!

Instead, we usually spent the day close to home. Here are our “Five Favorite Ways to Spend the Day (Cheap) in Ann Arbor.”

1. In summertime, we like to hit the Sprayscape sprinkler park (46640 Ann Arbor Trail, east of Beck Rd). It’s free — bring a picnic!

2. The Hands-On Museum is a fascinating day trip for kids under 10. On Thursday evenings after 5 you can get in for just $5. They have other deal days (like MLK $4 day) as well.

3. Blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry picking. (We had our “secret stash” for blubs, but always went to Makielski’s for the other berries!)

4. Rolling Hills Water Park was fun for a treat (they have late-day rates), but we the hiking trails were great fun anytime!

5. Buhr Park is an all-season fun zone, with swimming in summer and skating in winter.

BONUS: Craig and I had our first date at Gallup Park, picnicking with Missy by the riverside. Miles of nature trails, canoe and paddle boat livery, and play areas.

That doesn’t even begin to touch the many other events and activities you can find through the Ann Arbor Observer. What are your favorite ways to visit Ann Arbor?

Summer Fun: Today at “Mommy Monsters”

handsonSome days, when the whining threatens to break the sound barrier and the dog has been tackled so often she is trying to hide under the couch . . . It’s time to get out of the house!

Today we went to the Hands-On Museum. Wish you could have joined us!

It didn’t start well. Chris forgot his medicine. Again.
It was raining. Again.
Both kids were wacking each other out of sheer orneriness. No matter how much I yelled for them to stop. Again.
Are we having fun yet?!?!? Oh, yeah.