“Feminist template obliterated”: Favorite Palin Quote of the Day

In “USA Today” [my favorite newspaper], Kathleen Parker observes…

“What kind of woman do we want in high office? What kind of woman is acceptable?

“Feminists have always called the shots on this [these] question[s]. The quintessential woman was pro-choice, interchangeablewith any man — and her name was Hillary Rodham Clinton: Feminists necessarily have viewed Clinton’s defeat as a sexist manifestation of patriarchal betrayal because, really, what other explanation could thereĀ  be? Clinton was perfectly molded according to the feminist template. Clearly, she lost because she’s a woman, disappointed women told themselves.

“But the greatest insult was yet to come. Republicans — those anti-woman, patricarchal Neanderthalian gun-clingers — nominated a woman whom Democrats would call a ‘Stepford wife,’ except she’d beat them to a bloody pulp with a moose antler.”