Michi’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

ImageLast night I felt my husband nudge me and mumble something like, “Michi flushed her key down the toilet.” Figuring I must be dreaming, I grunted at him and went back to sleep.

Turns out, it wasn’t a dream. This morning when I padded downstairs, I found our au pair sitting at the kitchen table, her head in her hands. “I have to tell you something.”

I figured it was the key thing, so I made reassuring motherly noises. “Is it about the key? Craig mentioned it . . .”

“No, not the key.” She pulled out a little sketch of a traffic pattern with two little red ovals dove-tailing. Apparently the reason she had dropped her key down the loo was because she had been distraught from an incident earlier that evening involving a very nice British man whose bumper had a close personal encounter with Michi’s on her way to her au pair’s meeting.

Michi had been having Alexander’s proverbial Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day. Right here in America.

Some days are like that. You’ve had them, and so have I. We can let them rob us of our peace . . . or we can see them as opportunities for growth. To learn how to trust. How to detach. How to let others love us, and experience that love.

“Don’t worry, Michi,” I said, putting my hand on hers. “These things happen. No one was hurt. And it’s only money.”

My husband discovered it’s going to cost $200 to replace the key. Michi laughed, “That’s $200 down the drain!”

Good girl.

Introducing Our New “Daughter” Michaela!

michi and sarahNow that we have MOST of the boxes moved into our new home, and are happily ensconced in our new digs, I’m happy to announce the newest development in the Saxton household: our new au pair/honorary daughter, Michaela Enzinger from Germany. This photo was taken the day after she arrived, when the four of us went to a Reading Phillies baseball game with several other EurAuPair arrivals.

Yes, she IS that cute. And Sarah is enchanted!

Michi is an energetic vegetarian, which is bound to be good for ALL of us. Yesterday I came home to a simmering vegetable soup on the stove. Sunday we had vegetarian lasagne (my own creation, which I’ll share tomorrow). Later after Sarah was in bed, we curled up and split a Mike’s Margarita between us, and plotted an adventure for the weekend. While watching Big Bang Theory.

It’s going to be a great year!

Have you ever had an au pair in your family? Tell me about it.