Day 10: Fun!

Begin with the Prayer of Abandonment.

Today’s theme is “fun”!  (Don’t worry if you are on a tight budget … surprise can add a spark of fun to almost anything!)

As we were returning home from our annual Christmas trip to visit Craig’s mom, I thought about how much fun it had been to hang out with each other. The highlight (other than a virus that had me flat on my back for four days) was the “Downton Abbey Exhibit,” a spectacular collection of original costumes from the popular BBC series. Wedding gowns, dinner ensembles, and tiaras for days … All that was missing was the crumpets.

Having a “fun buddy” — a friend with whom you share a common interest, someone who makes you laugh and see the lighter side of life — can be good for a marriage if it helps you to return energized and better able to embrace your vocation.

Don’t overlook the potential fun you can be enjoying in marriage, too! Have fun and enjoy each other in all kinds of ways, flirty and playful and not the least bit serious. Dress up or down; express your artistic side with face paint or fresh strawberries and cream; take a relaxing bubble bath or indulge in a sensual massage. If actual sex is, for whatever reason, not in the cards . . . it’s still important to connect, physically as well as emotionally. Snuggle up or neck on the couch after the kids are in bed.That’s good for marriage! Don’t forget to be each other’s favorite playmate(even during Lent)!

What are you going to do for fun today? And don’t forget … TOMORROW is Family Fun Day!


Love at the Abbey (The Love Project, Day 6)

downton abbey3This evening I’m going to hold an open house to celebrate the season premiere of “Downton Abbey,” a period drama on PBS that has become “appointment TV” at our house (along with “Chopped”). This season they are adding Shirley MacLaine as Lord Crawley’s American mother-in-law. While I doubt her performance will hold a candle to that of the indominatable Maggie Smith, I’m tuning in eager to catch up on the stories that began to unfold in the previous season. Will Matthew and Mary indeed find wedded bliss at last? Will Bates be spared a lifetime incarcerated for a murder he did not commit? Will the Dowager Countess at last slap her nemesis, Mrs. Crawley? Will Miss Daisy at last get a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and attain the elevated rank of assistant cook (from scullery maid)?

Downton Abbey fascinates me on several levels, not only because of the rich set and lovely period costumes, but because the relationships between the characters span the wide range of authentic human connections, with all their nobility and humanity — strengths and weaknesses alike. Time and again, love is depicted not as a flash of passion, but the slow and steady burn that emanates from sincere friendship. After all, the race for heaven is a marathon, not a sprint.

Here’s the trailer:

Today’s Love in Action: Make yourself a cup of tea and join me — if only in spirit — for the season premiere on PBS at 9:00 EST.