Miracle Monday: Care Corner Orphanage Helps At-Risk Children in Thailand

Have you ever considered adopting a child in need of a home, but for some reason were unable to pursue this plan? Perhaps a spouse was not in favor, or finances didn’t permit it. If you would like to do something tangible for the children of our world in need of a good, Christian home, I’d like to tell you about Care Corner Orphanage.

ricky tanThis orphanage, which specializes in reaching at-risk and seriously ill children, is run by Ricky Tan and his wife; Ricky is a Malaysian Christian I knew well when we were both studying at Bethany College of Missions. I know him to be an honest, godly man — and I feel confident that anything you would donate toward the orphanage would be wisely spent. (Ricky’s picture is found at the top right and in the picture on the lower right.) He and his wife are the parents of the orphanage. You can read a touching account of his efforts to rescue an at-risk teenage girl here.

Care Corner has a sponsorship program that allows you to provide for the educational, medical, and other physical needs of a child for just $50/month. If you would like more information about this program, please contact Ricky at cctricky@loxinfo.co.th.

God bless you!