EMN Mailbag: “Should I go back to work, God?”

The following letter of thanksgiving was sent to me from Monica Pope, in response to this month’s EMN newsletter, and is reprinted with permission of the author.

Dear Heidi,
I’m happy to know God gives you employment opportunities that bless your family’s special needs, too.  Recently, we’ve received the same here.  With my husband’s significantly reduced work hours, we were feeling like Elijah’s widow, thinking, “A handful of meal, a little oil.  We may eat it, then we die.”  Then I got a wonderful job as a DRE at a nearby parish.  I love the job and especially love the requirement that I write a weekly article for the bulletin.  But I’m triply grateful because they let me work opposite my husband’s schedule and around our youngest child’s early intervention school and therapy schedules. 
These days, we’re recommitted to trusting God all the more as next week,  my husband will be laid off from his steel mill job indefinitely.  With seven of our ten kids still living at home, this will be a challenge.  But the Lord is teaching us to pray for this day our daily bread.  Similarly, we ask the Blessed Mother to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Since this seems to not be the hour of our deaths, we’re focusing on remaining open to Her intercession and God’s graces now. We’re reminded that God has graces for my husband’s unemployment when it happens– next week. 

For now, we follow the rules for gathering manna– collect  just what we need for a single day. 
I’m looking forward to the newsletter at Mother’s Day.  And please, when you have time, send criteria for submissions and upcoming themes.  I’d be honored to offer something for submission.
Much Peace and Many Blessings,
Monica Pope