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cm_logo_final_vertical-copy_300Thanks to Lisa Hendey and Barb Szyskiewicz for helping to spread the word about “The 40 Day Challenge” over at!

As a special “thanks” to readers, I’m offering a special deal on Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta and Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

BOGO! That’s right … Just sign up to receive my #40DayChallenge reflections, then  order one copy of Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta for $15 (postage paid), get a copy of the Advent book . . . free!

Just send a check payable to Heidi Saxton at 10350 Royal Oak Court, Osceola IN 46561. Limit one free book per customer.

God bless you!

On the Feast of Holy Innocents

peek babySee, the home of God is among mortals.

He will dwell with them as their God;

they will be his peoples,

and God himself will be with them;

he will wipe every tear from their eyes.

Death will be no more;

morning and crying and pain will be no more,

for the first things have passed away.

Revelation 21:3-4

Close on the heels of Christmas joy comes a solemn feast, in which we recall the children slaughtered by Herod’s soldiers in his insatiable quest for power. Nowhere are the names of these innocents recorded for posterity. All we know is that the Church remembers them each year as martyrs, souls who suffered unjustly, and in that suffering made participants in the reign of God. In their brush with Immortality, the Word made flesh, they themselves were made immortal.

From life to death to life eternal, this is the pathway each of us has been called to walk. In the past year, thousands of souls have made that journey toward eternity, to experience a new kind of “Emmanuel, God is with us.” Perhaps you lost someone dear to you this year, too, and have experienced the truth of the words of Mother Teresa:

Death can be something beautiful. It is like going home. He who dies in God goes home even though we naturally miss that person who has gone. But it is something beautiful. That person has gone home to God.

Is there someone you need to release into the arms of God right now? Someone whose absence weighs upon your heart with longing and regret? Or do you know someone who is fighting this all-too-common human battle, and struggling to endure? If so, close your eyes and feel the prayers of your sisters in faith, who are praying for you right now. You are not forgotten. If not . . . please join in the prayer, for those in need of strength.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, mother of the heartsick and suffering, pray for us.

heidi-2013 About the Author

Heidi Hess Saxton is a Catholic wife and adoptive mother of two teenagers, and author of Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta and Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Servant). This year she spent Christmas with her elderly parents and sisters, who gathered in Georgia to spend one more Christmas baking cookies with their mom, who is ready to go meet Jesus. She would appreciate your prayers.

Mother Teresa on Catholic Connection!

cath_connection_12Good morning! Please tune in to “Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo” this morning at 9:20 … Teresa and I will be talking about Mother Teresa. Then leave a comment here, and enter a drawing to win a free copy of Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta!

Hard to believe Rose Sunday was here and past … but there is plenty of good reading to keep you going through the New Year!

Want Help Talking to Teens About Sex?

coleen-kelly-mast-2This morning my interview with Coleen Mast (“Mast Appeal with Coleen Kelly Mast”) will be airing — or you can click on the archives here.

But rather than go on about my book, I’d like to take this opportunity to promote Coleen’s resources, which I’ve admired for a long time.

Dr. Coleen Mast has a wealth of material for parents of kids of all ages to help them talk with their teens about issues pertaining to sexuality. Her “Sex Respect” resources are a terrific way to talk with your kids about these delicate issues. We bought the “Love & Life” program for our teenagers. You can find out more about her program here at “Respect Incorporated.”

Lent with St Teresa.jpgOf course, if you’ve already HAD this talk, or are confident you don’t need any additional help … go ahead and pick up copies of my books, Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta or Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta!

“Catholic Women Now” Loves St. Teresa!

cath-women-nowJulie Nelson and Chris Magruder, of Catholic Women Now — Iowa’s new radio show “for Catholic women, by Catholic women” (88.5 FM) kindly invited me to join them on the show on Wednesday, Dec 7 at 9:30 CST!

As before, just post a comment here and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free book!

Thanks, Catholic Forum!

Teresa-21This morning at 10:05 (or you can listen to the podcast here), Bob Krebs and I chat about Mother Teresa and the lessons I learned from her books on “The Catholic Forum.”

Wilmington listeners, if you already have your Advent reading planned, consider my next book,
Lent with St. Teresa of Calcutta,
which will be coming out in January!

A Mother Teresa Miracle: Thankfulness

morning-air-bannerTomorrow morning at 7:45 on “Morning Air with John Harper,” I’ll be chatting with John (of course) about Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Although Mother Teresa and Advent go very well together — her life was all about walking toward the light, even while in darkness — I’m especially thankful to be talking about her the day before Thanksgiving. Because when I think of Mother Teresa, the first word that comes to mind is “thankful.” No matter what, she always found reasons to be thankful for the merciful hand of God, who provided for her every need.

In one of my favorite stories about Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity, the Sisters came to Mother wanting to know how they were to feed the hungry poor their breakfast that morning. The larders were bare, and they had nothing to cook.

“Just pray,” Mother reminded them. Moments later, large trucks pulled up to the children’s home. For some reason school had been canceled that day, and the bread for the children’s lunches was no longer needed . . . so the school send the food over.

It’s a lesson we can find woven into the life stories of many great saints like Mother Teresa and Solanus Casey: When you have need of something, start by thanking God for it. The answer might not come exactly the way you’d expected … but it can be a source of Thanksgiving all the same.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Got the Spirit This Morning?

bruce-and-kris-spirit-morniGood morning, Nebraska! Special thanks to Bruce McGregor and Jen Brown at “Spirit Mornings” who invited me to talk with them at  9:40 this morning about … you guessed it! … Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Feel free to stream the interview here.

This morning I hope to share a special Advent reflection from Mother Teresa herself, to help us prepare for the start of the new liturgical year!

The season of Advent is like springtime in nature,

when everything is renewed and so is fresh and healthy.

Advent is also meant to do this to us —

to refresh us and make us healthy,

to be able to receive Christ

in whatever form he may come to us.  (Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta, p.xiii).


Catholic Conversation Interview: Steve and Becky Greene

mother_teresa6Hello! If you are looking for a little Advent inspiration, tune in tomorrow to “The Catholic Conversation,” The Cradle & The Convert hosts Steve and Becky Greene. We’ll be discussing Advent with St. Teresa of Calcutta and what exactly Mother Teresa has to do with Advent!

If you haven’t already signed up, you can register for the W.I.N.E. Seasonal Meditations (based on the book), a free daily reminder to pause during the day to prepare your heart for Advent. Just click on this link to register. And if you want to purchase the book, you can find it at or at

Finally, if you want to try my recipe for Rose Sunday Chocolate Pound Cake (your family will thank you), you can find that here.  Enjoy!

The Little Catholic Box – great Christmas idea!

Teresa-21A few days ago I received word that The Little Catholic Box ordered a BIG quantity of Advent with St. Teresa of Calcutta to put in their November boxes. I had never heard of this company before, and so I thought I’d post it here in case you are looking for a unique way to remember a hard-to-buy-for Catholic lady (young or old) in your family.

Each month a box will arrive with a unique combination of treats — books, food, trinkets, candles, and so on — that will surprise and delight!

Chelsey (their social media lady) asked me a few questions to share with their customers about the book, and I thought I might include a few highlights here.

When and how did you feel called to become a writer?  

For me, writing started as a way of capturing and processing various life experiences: things I’d read, places I’d been, people I’d encountered. I tell my kids that God sends every baby into the world with three things: a gift to share, a burden to carry, and a job to do.  At various times of life, writing can be all three of these things, of course!

Do you have a special devotion to St. Teresa that inspired these meditations?

The missionary spirit of St. Teresa was a formative influence on me in my twenties, when I was trying to figure out whether to be a missionary or to work in publishing. Her books taught me about detachment and obedience and joy – and ultimately influenced my decision to become Catholic. That was a long journey, and she was one of many voices I heard cheering me along the way. And as someone who became an adoptive parent later in life, I can relate to St. Teresa’s “call within a call,” which led her to experience spiritual motherhood in her mid-thirties, around the same time I did.

These meditations gave me an opportunity to read through the many books by and about her, and to reconnect with her in a personal way. I hope they will have the same effect on others!

What is your hope for the people who will read your book?

I hope that they will find these books (one for Advent, one for Lent) will give them a “breather” or mini-retreat from the busyness of daily life, to give them perspective and encouragement. “Do small things with great love” was Saint Teresa’s advice for those who want to be saints. You don’t need to be a writer or a theologian or a mystic . . . All God wants is for you to be faithful in sharing your gifts, carrying your burdens (or helping others with theirs), and doing whatever he asks you to do.