De-stress Your Life in 31 Days!

hot water It takes 30 (or 31) days to form a  good habit … or undo a bad one.

Like Lent, but shorter.

This month, the topic is “pressure” (or “stress,” depending on your POV). Why not join me? If you have a favorite that I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to weigh in. We all need a little less stress in our lives!

Day 1-4: Organize your world.

Day 5: Celebrate your friendships.

Day 6: Appreciate your ability to cope.

Day 7: Be thankful.

Day 8: Choose contentment.

Day 9: Decide to laugh.

Day 10: Entertain angels.

Day 11: Forgive the unforgiving.

Day 12: Get silly.

Day 13: Help someone.

Day 14: Jiggle a little.

Day 15: Kiss Me!

Day 16: Live and let live.

Day 17: Mindfulness.

Day 18: Need less.

Day 19: Orient toward beauty.

Day 20: Practice patience.

Day 21: Quell your inner nag.

Day 22: Rest.

Day 23: Sense the mysteries.

Day 24: Talk to God.

Day 25: Understand your limitations.

Day 26: Vet your assumptions.

Day 27: Wear something beautiful.

Day 28: X-amine your priorities through your child’s eyes.

Day 29: “Yes” is a powerful word.

Day 30: Zebra Girl.

Day 31: How did it go for you?

4 thoughts on “De-stress Your Life in 31 Days!

  1. These posts have been a blessing to me, Heidi. Thank you! I am working on #s 11, 18, 20, 21, 25 & 27!

    One example, as for knowing my limitations, this is simple and silly, but I finally decided (after a quite disastrous angel food cake a couple weeks ago for M’s 9th birthday) to forgo home baking. I love to cook and excel at it–cooking healthy foods gives me great joy. However, there’s just something about baking that I fail at time and again. So, I let go of needing to conquer this once previously held notion that I’m a failure because I can’t bake anything edible. So what if I pick up baked goods for a party from a local bakery, the grocery, or order them from a baking-genius friend? The time, money, anxiety and stress that I am saving by not trying once again to conquer gourmet sweet treats at home has been a newly found blessing. And, I now have more time to focus on cooking and enjoying time with my loved ones. It’s really a simple change, but one I resisted making for so long because I was more focused on staying the course to become “perfect mom.”

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on ways to stress less! Thanks again for sharing.


    • I’m with you, my friend. When we got the kids, and I picked up my first grocery-store birthday cake, the thought of my mother’s cake decorating skills (and her tips and trivets languishing in my basement storage) made me cringe. But it was a choice between making a cake and getting two consecutive hours of sleep … and my kids needed me alert. Sometimes moms have to make that kind of trade-off!

      Thanks for writing!


  2. What a fabulous series of posts! I struggle with not wanting to outsource things that either stress me out or always turn out badly. But it is such a relief when I hand that over to someone else!


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