Day 24: Pride

Teresa-21Begin with the Prayer of Abandonment.

In today’s meditation in Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta, I share about a time when God used the prayers of a deacon and his wife to heal me … and what that experience taught me about being open to the miraculous (the kissing cousin of mystery). None of this would have happened, of course, had I been unwilling to surrender myself to the possibility that God might want to heal me — and that he had decided to use this couple to bring about that transformation.

Pride can be one of the greatest obstacles to receiving the small miracles God wants to give us, whether that transformation needs to take place in us or in another person. One of the most common is praying over and over again that God would change the other person, without ever stopping to consider whether it is we ourselves who need to relent, to bend, or … to ask forgiveness.

It is a particularly onerous form of pride, I think, to pass over the legitimate needs and vulnerabilities of a spouse in favor of our own agendas and preferences. While of course marriage is a never-ending dance of give-and-take, pride can quickly tip the balance in ugly and damaging ways. It scapegoats a spouse over something for which they were not entirely at fault. Makes jokes at their expense to entertain at a family gathering. Delegates distasteful tasks.

What form does pride take at your house? And what will you do to drive it from your marriage?


2 thoughts on “Day 24: Pride

  1. I worry about this. I pray daily for my husbands conversion to Catholicism, yet I worry that I should focus less on changing him, and more on being open to God’s will in me. I do pray for that as well. But is praying for his conversion something I should pray for, or not? Should I focus on my own self more, and less on changing him?


    • Hi, Stephanie! There is nothing wrong with praying for your husband’s conversion. You are his most passionate Intercessor! However, be on guard against nagging. Focus on being a loving and attentive wife… and pray that God will bring someone into your husband’s life who will be a beacon of truth. Sometimes it is hard to witness to our own family members… even Jesus’ extended family did not all believe! Praying with you.. God bless.


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