Day 8: Finances

Today is a particularly good day to begin with the Prayer of Abandonment. Pray it slowly, pray it again. OK, now. Ready?

Today’s theme is “finances.”

How does money touch your marriage? Is one of you a spender, the other a saver? Do you have an extended family member who needs help, and struggle to balance love and prudence? Does revolving debt have a stranglehold on your future? Are you one paycheck away from disaster?

After twenty years of marriage, my husband and I are saving to make a long-time dream come true: This November, we are flying to Rome to renew our wedding vows (with friends who are also celebrating their 20th), then boarding a cruise ship bound for a long-time bucket list destination: Israel. I’ve secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) envied friends who have been able to visit the Holy Land year after year. But this year, it’s our turn: the kids are old enough to leave with extended family, my sister is coming to tend to mom and dogs, and financially we can manage it (better now than after Craig retires!).

This is a sweet spot in our relationship that is all the sweeter because we have had to struggle in the past. I remember a time when the kids were younger when I tried to pay for a gallon of milk at Kroger, and had my debit card declined. It was shattering, humiliating. But somehow we made it through … and found the sunshine once more.

Hand Putting Deposit Into Piggy BankAs you look back on your spending habits, do you recognize similar highs and lows, to remember with equal gratitude? Our lean years taught us to trust; the fatter ones simply made us thankful.

Where are you on this spectrum of gratitude today?

Today’s challenge: Write down your three most pressing money-related issues, and ask your husband do to do the same. Then compare notes. Did you agree on at least one of the three most pressing issues? What is one thing you can do this week to take a small step toward financial fidelity?  What do you need to abandon to the loving hands of God, and trust him to resolve?

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