Alaska Dreaming

alaskaFor as long as I can recall, my mother has talked of wanting to go to Alaska. When she was younger she dreamed of wanting to go and work as a missionary among the Native Americans. As a wife and mother, she set this dream aside … but the longing has never gone away. Something about the place fires her imagination.

When I used to visit her at the memory care facility in Georgia, one of the hardest parts of walking away and leaving her behind was knowing that, although she was still living, her life was pretty much over. An occasional visitor was the only relief of monotony in days filled with the drone of the television set or staring at the four walls of her bedroom. This, for a woman who had filled her own days with quilt making, cookie baking, and volunteering at church every time the doors opened. (After tending to her own home and husband, of course.) She and Dad traveled all over the country those last years of their marriage, making a special trip on their fiftieth anniversary. But they never made it to Alaska.

Now that she’s with me, her life has gotten better. Her lift recliner is squarely in the middle of the family room, where she is in the middle of all our comings and goings. She goes to daycare four days a week, so she can interact with people her own age. I’ve made efforts to help her find a church home, but she seems content going with us. And when we go places, she hops in the car and rides along. This summer she’s going to go visit my sister Kathy … and if I can manage it, we’re going to go visit my other sister in Washington, too. I’ve never been to Seattle, so this is on my bucket list, too.

As I think about making the trip west, though … Alaska is just a little further, beckoning me. We could take a train to Vancouver (another place I’ve always wanted to see), and then … what would it take to make it to Alaska?

I don’t know if we can do it. But I’d sure like to try. What wouldn’t I give to be able to say that I was able to make my mother’s dreams come true?



4 thoughts on “Alaska Dreaming

  1. God bless you Heidi. Your sacrifices have obviously improved your mother’s quality of life tremendously, and you’re setting a wonderful example for your children. I pray that the Alaska trip will work out.

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  2. I have also wanted to visit Alaska every since the t.v. show Northern Exposure. I did get to visit Seattle because my son Tom was in the Army stationed near Roy Washington. It is a beautiful area. Mt Rainier is breathtaking both near it and miles away from it. As you travel toward Seattle the view of Mt Rainer makes you say “WOW”. The Space Needle is fun to go up and you can have a meal there to as it rotates. You will love the Fish Market and all the specialty stores that are there. The waterfront is beautiful and I say that the rocks at the shore line where pastel colors.
    Northern Exposure was filmed in a town in Washington not far from Seattle. I didn’t know my son was taking me there so when we happened to drive into the town I was so happy. I felt like I was home every though it really wasn’t Alaska.
    So I really haven’t made it to Alaska yet but maybe is God willing I will one day. I hope you and your family and your Mom do make it there one day. Perhaps at a book rally or something! Bless you.


      • I was so surprised when we were suddenly in the town. I mean it was actually a small town! Im sure if you google the town in Washington that was the set for Northern Exposure you will get the info of where it is. Look for the barn that has a mural of one of our great stars cant think of his name now but its a pick of him on a motorcycle. Its fabulous. I am glad I inspired you Heidi.

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