Not Day 5…

Did you think I’d been swallowed by an anaconda? Nope … not sure where the time went! Well, actually, I DO know:

IMG_2147[1]Thanks to the generous support of the Queen of Peace “Jubilee” ladies, St. Bryce Center now has a new “laboring room.” Their donation allowed us to buy MANY bins to store clothing and other baby supply donations, paint the room a cheerful buttery yellow, and purchase some additional equipment needed to give the moms-to-be a comfortable environment for the first stage of labor.

Baby Room Costa Rica 001

New Labor Room

I have now been at St. Bryce for a little over two weeks. In addition to spending time with two permanent families at the center, I’ve also seen how St. Bryce makes a difference for other families. A fifteen-year-old girl returned with her baby from the reservation; the infant was dehydrated and had an infected umbilical cord. For the next two weeks, the new mom will rest and spend time learning how to bond with her baby — from another young mom who had her first child at the same age. Two older boys (about 10 years old) also came to the center with their moms, so they could be close to the hospital to receive treatment. One has leukemia; the other had leg braces.

Saida's family

Kenneth (the three-year-old permanent resident) is now able to take 5-6 steps unaided, which is a real milestone for him. It’s a reflection of having people around at all times who will work with him on his therapy and take him to the pool. His 10-year-old aunt, Lola, is working with volunteers to learn to read.

We have fun, too — after church last week we took the kids to POPS for ice cream. Fun!

Evening at POPSSpent several days at Colleen Mitchell’s house while Greg was in the States with the older boys. Had the pleasure of going to see Kolbe and Evan belt test at karate class — a sensei from Japan comes to test all the students in the country every six months. We made the trip with a Costa Rican family who is friends with Colleen, and she made the most delicious chicken and rice dish with saffron and other spices!

Today I am taking a break, sitting in the cabin where my family will be staying while they are here. Fast WIFI, hot showers, fresh bread, fruit trees, and SILENCE. Ahh…. two weeks of rustic living really makes me appreciate these gifts for what they are!

Here are a few pictures from the highlights of the past two weeks.  Enjoy!

labor room before

Labor Room (Before Transformation)

Paula's family

Paula and her kids with Susana (operation manager)

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