Day 2: Simple Joys

IMG_2105This morning when I arrived at the Center, Isabella and Kenneth were both crying, loudly protesting the interminable wait for breakfast.

Since I’m not in the habit of lactating, I did the next best thing and pulled a box of animal crackers from my luggage. One for the mouth, one for the hand… and blissful silence descended. Little things, it is said, mean so much.

Later that day I had the mamas pick out receiving blankets handmade by the ladies at my church and set to work embroidering their babies’ names: Elixson and Isabella, Angelica and Alex, Kenneth and Lola. Each of these little souls and their mamas loved by God. Little ones, each a pearl of great price.

Today was a day for simple joys: guavabana ice cream and snuggling with a baby till he napped on my shoulder. Finding a toilet with a seat and an ice cold lemonade at supper. Watching a little girl snuggle a two week old kitten and knowing my own daughter will be here I. Just a few more days. Going through the donations and giggling at the pink velvet Mary Janes, wondering whether there might not be a better option during the rainy season. Attempting my first Spanish Rosary.

Yes, today was full of simple joys.

Tomorrow will be a sad day at the mission, the anniversary of Bryce’s birthday. Please remember Colleen and her family in your prayers. And thanks for keeping all of us in your prayers as well.

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