Day 8: Finances

40day-yellowToday is a particularly good day to begin with the Prayer of Abandonment. Pray it slowly, pray it again. OK, now. Ready?

Today’s theme is “finances.”

How does money touch your marriage? Is one of you a spender, the other a saver? Do you have an extended family member who needs help, and struggle to balance love and prudence? Does revolving debt have a stranglehold on your future? Are you one paycheck away from disaster?

The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides taught that there are eight levels of charity, measured not only by the intention of the giver but also by the long- and short-term effect on the recipient (for more details, see Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta, page 28-29). In her work, Mother Teresa (whose work was funded by private donors) would frequently refuse offers of money from wealthy do-gooders, urging them instead to give something of themselves. She understood that poverty comes in many forms, spiritual poverty being the most deadly of all. Sometimes it is much easier to write a check than to become personally involved. And yet, this is often what love demands.

Hand Putting Deposit Into Piggy BankWhen it comes to money, how does your spouse show his love for you and your family? Does he work hard to provide for your immediate needs? Is he a saver, always looking to squirrel a few dollars away toward retirement or an education fund? Is he a “splurger” who says “I love you” with thoughtful gifts? Or are you the one who manages the finances – is this one of the ways you express love to your family?

Today’s challenge: Write down your three most pressing money-related issues, and ask your husband do to do the same. Then compare notes. Did you agree on at least one of the three most pressing issues? What is one thing you can do this week to take a small step toward financial fidelity?  What do you need to abandon to the loving hands of God, and trust him to resolve?


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