Mom McGinty (or “what parents won’t do to help their kids succeed at school”)

Like many parents of children who have special learning needs, I try to stay in touch with their teachers — trying to strike a balance between supporting and not hovering. (For the record, I don’t always achieve it — my kids will tell you I hover WAY too much. I tell them that when they start passing all their classes, I’ll stop.)

This week Christopher’s English teacher invited me to attend a class so I can see my son in action. They are reading a Sherlock Holmes novel called The Valley of Fear, and apparently he is tuning out and generally not getting his work done. So … TA-DA! Mr. Reed and I have conspired to let me slip into class as the villain of the story.


mcgintyNow, I’m not sure whether my cover will be blown five minutes into class — quite possibly it will, since I used Craig’s jacket and shirt, and repurposed my traditional Halloween mask. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

And who knows? Maybe Chris sees to what lengths I’m prepared to go to get him on the right track and take up the challenge to help himself. Or (what is more likely), will be so EMBARASSED at the sight of his mother in drag that he will do anything to keep me from reprising the role.

So … what’s the most outrageous thing YOU have ever done to help your child succeed at school?

UPDATE: Last night the teacher emailed me to give me an update on his after-school tutoring session with Christopher, and indicated that my presence in the classroom might not be so crucial anyway. So I guess I’ll just squirrel away Boss McGinty for another day!

This experience did teach me something important, though: When we are willing to go the extra mile for a teacher, that kindness is often reciprocated in multiple ways. Something to think about – how can you bless a teacher today?

3 thoughts on “Mom McGinty (or “what parents won’t do to help their kids succeed at school”)

  1. That is hysterical! Please keep us posted on how it goes. (The most outrageous thing I’ve done is to switch jobs–meaning a 60% paycut–in order to work a school-based job that allows me to be more available for my son. The jury is still out as to whether it’s helping him academically.)

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