Groundhog Day

AP APTOPIX GROUNDHOG DAY A USA PAThis year, when Punxsutawney Phil is ceremoniously jostled awake from his winterly nap to make his annual weather prediction, I wouldn’t blame him if he refused to come out. With all the media drama, the world can be a very cold and scary place.

Do you believe that life imitates art? Sometimes I wish the world had more in common with the movie Groundhog Day. That we could go back to a certain place in time, and do it over again and again until we get it right. This is NOT a political post — while I’m sure many people are now wishing they could go back to November 8 and recast their vote, I’m not one of them. But as I look over the subsequent weeks, I do think there was room for improvement in how I spent my time.

November 8 was important to me for a different reason — it was the day I lost my job at Franciscan Media, and was unceremoniously jostled out of my comfort zone and launched on a new trajectory. After the holidays, I took up a part-time acquisitions editor job with my previous employer, Ave Maria. But I just can’t shake the feeling that something else, something more, is still ahead.

In a way, I am a bit like that groundhog, straining my eyes to adjust from the safe darkness of my winter burrow to the light of day. Hoping for signs of life. Seeing a crowd of curious faces and hearing a lot of senseless chatter.

So what do you say, Phil Baby. Is it almost spring?

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