Time to REFRESH (Chicago)

winterinSomething in the air this week. After two days of a low-grade migraine, I finally cracked when my child-who-shall-be-nameless refused, on pain of death (hers) to do her English assignment — the assignment her teacher wrote down by hand in pains-taking detail, and asked us to work with her to complete. Instead we got a heaping helping of . . . teenage lip.

Predictably, I did not respond well. And as the uglies reached fevered pitch inside, with every member of the house retreating to their respective corners. As you can see, mine was in the far corner of the sectional. And as you can see, Gretta was doing her best to reclaim her spot. If she couldn’t sit on IT, sitting on ME was the next best thing.

In a couple of weeks, Craig and I are going to the REFRESH Conference in Chicago. Looking forward to meeting Mike and Kristin Berry and all the other super adoptive/foster parents. Not that I feel like a super adoptive parent – certainly not today. But it’s good to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

And tomorrow … well, tomorrow we just might tame the Book Thief, after all.

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