Sacred Reading: Fill up the spaces in your prayer life!

Do you ever need a momentary prayer break to set your world right again? I’d like to tell you about a brand new book series, “Sacred Reading,” a lectio-based guide to praying the daily Gospels. Treat yourself . . . and pick up one for a friend as well!

Ask a Catholic Editor

For the past nine months I’ve been privileged to be working with our good friends at the Apostleship of Prayer on a significant milestone in the history of Ave Maria Press. Today this book officially launches, and I’m as excited (and as nervous) as a new mother. So please bear with me. #IndustryNews #EssentialReading #IfYouBuyJustOneBookThisIsIt!

Sacred Reading 2016Sacred Reading: The 2016 Guide to Daily Prayer is the first installment in our new annual prayer series, a lectio-inspired daily reading of the Gospels that will help you reflect on the Scripture . . . and hear the voice of Jesus, spoken directly to your heart. We wanted to create something fresh and truly inspiring for Catholics and other Christians who wanted to “dig in” to Scriptures and actually encounter the living Christ. And we are delighted with the initial results:

“An innovative way to be invited, with gentle wisdom, into meeting Jesus in your prayer,” enthused…

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