40 Day Challenge, Day 26: Quiet

peek-babyBegin with the Prayer of Abandonment

Recently I was talking with an editor friend of mine who insisted that there was no unnecessary noise in his home. He had four young children, and his wife homeschooled them. There was no television, though plenty of classical music. “We agreed when we were married that we valued silence, and wanted our children to experience it firsthand.”

Privately, I confess I chuckled at the thought of this man’s youngest child peering from behind the curtains, “Quick! Dad’s coming! Turn off the Cartoon Network and hide the video games! Someone find the Verde album!”

Having grown up in a home without television, it isn’t difficult for me to imagine the benefits of a home without incessant media exposure. I read all the time, and my grades were top-notch. On the other hand, it was harder for me to connect with my peers — and as an adult I watch far more television than is good for me. And so, I’m a fan of moderation. Perhaps especially within marriage.

Do you get enough quiet in your day? (“Enough” being the amount that leaves you able to hear yourself think, or to have uninterrupted conversations each day.) How do you like to spend it?

Just for today, turn off the television. Read a book together. Pull out a board game. Find something to keep you entertained (ahem) that doesn’t require electricity. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “40 Day Challenge, Day 26: Quiet

  1. Your second paragraph had me laughing hysterically! My son watches very little TV, but I really can’t claim that my house is void of unnecessary noise. Too funny! But seriously, as an introvert I do value times of silence. Thanks for the reminder to unplug with my husband.


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