40 Day Challenge, Day 2: The Silence of Scholastica

scholastica2Today we begin by offering the Prayer of Abandonment. 

I’ve always had a special fondness for St. Scholastica, the twin sister of St. Benedict. This past year her feast day (February 10) had special significance for me, because I entered studies as an oblate novice at the St. Scholastica Monastery, among the Benedictine Sisters of Chicago. Every month or so I trek the ninety miles to spend the morning with the Benedictine Sisters, and rediscover in a new way the beauty of the sacred silence there.

The silence of Scholastica is the theme of today’s “reflection for two.” How often do we find ourselves in a situation when the best and most uplifting thing we can do for our marriage is . . . to remain silent, and pray for God’s gentle action in our hearts?

And so today, as you offer your “Prayer of Abandonment,” ask God to remind you (gently) the next time he wants you to follow the example of Scholastica, and say nothing at all. God bless you!

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