Teaching Kids to Apologize

naughty kid “SOOOOOOO-RY!” (insert eyeroll).

Ever wonder what to do when the request to apologize falls on snarky years? I do … or, I did until this morning, when I stumbled on “CuppaCocoa’s” post “A Better Way to Say I’m Sorry.”

As she rightly points out, letting an offense go with an insincere apology does more harm than good. “He not only learns a poor lesson that he can get away with lies and empty words, but does not have the opportunity to experience true reconciliation and restoration of relationships. He will probably continue inflicting similar offenses, feel less remorse than he should, and undergo less positive character change than he could have.”

Teaching kids HOW to apologize … brilliant!

Do you need to practice these four steps with your kids today? Or with someone else, perhaps?

Happy Lent!

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