Keep Moving…

boxesOne week and counting until the moving truck pulls up. The dog expresses anxiety by whining and repeatedly wrapping herself around my ankles, tripping me every time I take a box to the dumpster. The kids express their anxiety by attempting to kill each other several times a day and bouncing off the walls. It’s exhausting work, filling a fifteen yarder and ensuring the health and wellbeing of our local Goodwill for the foreseeable future, but the end is in sight.

This exercise in detachment seems tailor-made for Holy Week. Since the second and final truck pulls out the Monday after Easter, we’ve simplified the Easter celebrations, putting a few Easter treats in a travel bag and trying to figure out how to have Christopher’s confirmation celebration on a folding table and a shoestring. Since there are technically 50 days of Easter, we will celebrate NEXT weekend (Mercy Sunday), all the mercies we’ve received this year, to keep us moving together toward Easter joy.

Pray for us!

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