Confirmation Countdown: A 10-Week Reflection

catholic-crossIn many parishes, Confirmation preparation is a one or even two-year process: weekly classes, service hours and projects, retreats and other special events. So when the DRE at my parish asked me if I’d take the RCIA teen class, and prepare five students (four high-school girls and my son) in nine weeks, I thought it was the perfect Lenten challenge.

Oh, and did I mention that we’re moving during Holy Week? So classes have to be completed the week before Easter? (The DRE will take them on the retreat during the week.) Ash Wednesday doesn’t start until March 4 this year, but our Lenten journey can’t wait … Time to get started!

In this class, I will have a set of twins, their cousin, and a best friend of one of the girls. None of them had received any formal religious preparation up to now … but each of them expressed a beautiful wish to want to be a part of the faith, as their grandparents had been. So they all want to BE there, which is going to make all the difference.

Yesterday was our first class. They received a Bible, a YouCat, a composition book, and a copy of the learning plan. The plan explained what we would be covering in class each week, and gave them a series of daily Bible readings. Each day they will read the story in the outline and write a paragraph or so in their journals about it. I’ll be doing the same here, breaking briefly for “Book Whisperer,” favorite spiritual classics, and “Fun Fridays,” which will feature some of my favorite shrines and churches here in the U.S.

Please pray for my students: Christopher and Emily and Mason and Sarah and … (rats. I’ll have to get back to you on the last one. God bless them all). And please pray for me, too!

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