The Liebster Award — thanks C.M. Crabtree!

liebsterAfter taking up blogging again (after a two-year hiatus), I was delighted to hear from a new reader, C.M.Crabtree, who said she was nominating me for “The Liebster Award” for bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The way it’s set up, it feels a bit like a meme, but still it’s a nice way to connect with some BlogHer writers and others I’ve encountered in my “31 Days to De-Stress Your Life” project. (If you happen to have more than 200 followers, chalk it up to my enthusiasm for your writing, rather than my lack of technical savvy.)

So here goes. I am nominating for the Liebster Award the following four bloggers:

4 Mothers

A Lovely Life Indeed

My Purple Dreams: 365 Days of Giving Thanks

Bee Home Soon

And here are my answers to Ms. Crabtree’s questions (which are the same I’d like my nominees to take):

1. What is your favorite city in the world? So far, Rome. But I haven’t been to Jerusalem or Sydney yet.

2. What is your favorite thing to do in the morning? Sleep in after a night of watching old movies.

3. If you could spend the day with one person (deceased), who would it be and why? Teresa of Avila. I’d love to kick back with a good bottle of wine and a plate of tapas.

4. What would you do for a living if money wasn’t an issue? Anything that would let me travel to the countries I haven’t been to yet.

5. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Put God in the White House (or at least let him take over for Jay Leno). The rest of the problems would take care of themselves.

6. If you had to choose, would you prefer the white-picket-fence life or absolute success at your dream job? I do like picket fences … could I work from home at my dream job?

7. If you could go back in time at any point during your life, would you change anything and if so, what? I’d tell myself to lighten up. Faith should draw people together, not divide them.

8. What is your favorite TV show or movie? Enjoying “Downton Abbey.”

9. What is your favorite book? A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. It’ll put a smile on my face any day.

10. What is your favorite quote? Some luck lies not in getting what you thought you wanted, but in wanting what you have. Which, once you have it, you might be smart enough to find it is what you would have wanted all along, had you only known. Garrison Keillor, “Lake Woebegon Days.”

4 thoughts on “The Liebster Award — thanks C.M. Crabtree!

  1. Thanks for the nomination here!!! I procrastinated with my end of the month submissions to BlogHer–guess the cold got to me. But I am up and running today. Thanks again. I also LOVE Bill Bryson’s Walk in the Woods and Downton!!!


  2. Hi! I am leaving this comment because I would like for you to update your Liebster Award post with the correct link. I am going to be deleting my old site (Lorraine Reguly’s Life) and so would really appreciate it if you could update your post with a link to Wording Well. This is my new site, and because I have moved my “old” post to my “new” site, you will be left with a broken link if you don’t change it. I don’t want this to happen! Besides, is still the same post it always was, but the domain name has changed. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me. The internet is forever – or at least until we change things, so, please, can you change this for me? (Thanks!)


    • Hi, Lorraine! When I clicked on the hyperlink, it went to the Wording Well page … not sure why it’s going to your old link when you click on it. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! Heidi


      • It goes there because of the redirect I paid for. When I delete the old site, this will no longer happen. Instead, you and everyone else will get a 404 error (or some type of error). That is why it is important to update the link from your dashboard.


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