31 Days to De-stressed Living: Days 1-4

I’ve hNaBloPoMo_011614_465x287_pressure_1eard that it takes 30 days to make a habit. Thirty days of doing the same thing, every day (or, if you’re trying to kick a habit, thirty days of not doing something).

It’s like Lent, but shorter.

My blogging theme for January, thanks to BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo, will be “Stress” (whenever I’m not writing about books or road trips). No sweat — I’m an expert on stress. But then, who wants to read someone rant about all the stressors in her life for an extended period of time?

monster momNobody, that’s who. And so …

January will be about 30 ways to BEAT the stressors in your life. A kind of 30 day challenge. (Feel free to chime in.)

And so, it being January 4th and all, without further ado I give you FOUR of my favorite ways to combat stress. Ready?

January 1: Restoring order. Having been on the road for 10 days, I could feel the stress coming out my ears. So, I started unpacking. Sent the boys into the basement to work on laundry. Daughter up the stairs to put away toiletries. Me, I tackled the kitchen, where I could sneak a truffle and pour myself a glass of wine. Then I went to bed with a migraine. (Okay, these home remedies don’t always work.) But the next day, I felt MUCH better!

January 2: Don’t pressure others, either. One of my children has reached the “moody” stage that is part-and-parcel of adolescent angst. The other day I discovered that sometimes, if I don’t bug them relentlessly about why they are moody, the kind of self-adjust. Good to know.

January 3: Cook something special. When we married, I promised my husband that if he watched only two football games a year, I would make sure he celebrated in style. This year I made crab-stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari, and sausage squares (sausage and peppers stuffed in little wonton wrappers). Then key lime pie. Beer for him, something fruity for me. Yum.

January 4: Arrange to see a friend. Tomorrow I’m going to celebrate “Rose Sunday” a little late. In honor of the “Downton Abbey” premiere, I’m having tea with a few friends from Ascension Press (my former workplace). Just the thought of a little girl time … It’s positively relaxing!

What do YOU do to de-stress?

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