10 Ways to Spend a Snowday

Fun Fridays“SNOWDAY!!!”

Time for “Fun Friday” at home — with a little luck, maybe I can still get some work done this afternoon!

Idea #1: Snowman pancakes. Stack up three little dots, decorate with Oreo hat, blueberry eyes and buttons, and a cherry sliver mouth. Dust with powdered sugar. Bacon for scarf. Serve with cocoa.

Idea #2: Snow Dog. Dress kids warmly and send them outside to make piles of snowballs. Then toss them to the dog, to see how many she can catch.

When they need to thaw off, have them come inside for next activity: Study Island or …

Idea #3: Math Fact Bingo. Create bingo cards with numbers 1-100. Give older kids more than one card. Use mini marshmallows to keep score. When they start getting squirrely, send them back outside for a rousing game of …

Idea #4: Abominable Snowdog. Send them outside with a handful of hot dog bits (Maddy’s favorite treat) with instructions to give her one every time she correctly performs “Roll Over” in the snow. (If she won’t cooperate, urge them to demonstrate the trick for the dog.) Give them a towel to brush her off on the back porch before coming inside.

Had enough of the snow, little darlings? It’s almost lunchtime! Why not come back inside and…

Idea #5: Make Grandpa Sandwiches! Line the counter with a variety of breads, coldcuts and cheeses, sandwich spreads, veggies, and condiments. See who can make the greatest gastronomical monstrosity (I used to do this for my grandfather, who always ate every bite). Take pictures and award prizes (highest sandwich, most creative sandwich, prettiest sandwich, etc.).

Still feeling creative? Want to commemorate your day off? Why not…

Idea #6: Make snowflakes to decorate your bedroom ceiling, or turn into a card for grandparents or extended family. What’s that? You want to watch a movie? Surely. But how shall we decide which one? I know!

Idea #7: Sock Match Mania. Empty the overflowing sock bin in no time by announcing that the child who matches correctly the most socks in 20 minutes gets to pick the afternoon movie.

After the movie, it’s time for a little indoor fun …

Idea #8: Digital Treasure Hunt. Give each child (or pair of children, if you have a larger group) a digital camera or iPhone. They have 30 minutes to find and take pictures of . . .

  • Themselves as babies (from family scrapbook or wall hanging)
  • Strangest face (collaborative effort or selfie)
  • Favorite Christmas decoration
  • Favorite cookie recipe (from cookbook or recipe file)
  • Favorite vacation spot (screen shot or magazine)
  • Best headstand
  • Someone wearing Dad’s outdoor gear.
  • Best snow angel
  • Prettiest snow-covered tree
  • Best “Grandpa Sandwich” (a combination of every kind of cold cut, veggie, and condiment available in your kitchen, piled high between two slices of bread)

Idea #9: Make “Mommy Hugs.” Sandwich Ritz crackers with peanut butter. Melt shaved blocks of almond bark (or chocolate chips with a small square of shaved paraffin wax) in microwave; stir smooth. Dunk crackers in chocolate, and decorate with your choice of chopped walnuts  or pecans, coconut, or sprinkles. Lay on wax paper to set.

Idea #10: Story Time! Call or Skype Grandma or Grandpa, and have them tell their favorite snow-related memories of their own family. (This works best with a bit of behind-the-scenes coordination, so they have a story ready to tell.) Can’t think of one? Have them read one of the snowy adventures from Laura Ingalls’ Little House in the Big Woods.

Hope your snowday was as much fun as ours!

During the month of January, I’ve decided to take up the BlogHer NaBloPoMo “Stress” Challenge. Care to join me?

What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day?

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