Finding a Quiet Space

hiding boy If you’ve been following along the past week or so, we’ve been on a road trip this week, traveling from Philadelphia to Atlanta (where my parents live) to West Palm Beach (Craig’s mom’s house) with one husband, two kids, an Aussie shepherd, and our German nanny.

About twelve hours into the trip, I looked up from my laptop and discovered everyone on the right side of the van had found their own private space: Christopher had his “Think Geek” Dr. Who “snuggly” over his head, playing DS. Sarah had her bright red one over her head, coloring. And Michi had a jacket over her head, napping.

Now, they didn’t stay this way the whole ride. After about an hour, everyone popped out of their little “hole” and we played another rousing “Alphabet Game” (by far Q and Z are the hardest letters to find on billboards). But watching them enjoy their time “under cover,” I was reminded again why the road trip is such an apt metaphor for parenting. Sometimes, you just have to get away and find a private moment, no matter what it takes … or how silly it looks.

How do you create a little space for yourself when you need a break from family life?”

3 thoughts on “Finding a Quiet Space

  1. First. I love the Alphabet Game but Hubs hates it. Wendy’s has ‘Quality is our recipe’ on all their signs. My 11-yr-old and I would love to play Alphabet with your bunch.
    My space comes right now, early morning, when no one else is awake. I’ve also been known to plug in headphones and listen to a white-noise generator like SimplyRain.


  2. I’ll have to check that out … yesterday afternoon, as I was simultaneously unpacking suitcases, restocking groceries, and making Craig’s birthday dinner, I came down with the mother of all migraines. (Isn’t that the normal response to a 10-day vacation?) A little SimplyRain would have helped, methinks! Ah, well … Happy New Year!


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