“What’s Your Favorite Love Story?” The Love Project, Day 1

RED-TULIP_Happy New Year!

The Love Project is my personal New Year’s resolution, an intention to focus on all the facets and expressions of love in the world. Beginning today, on the Feast of Mary, Mother of God, we celebrate the most extraordinary example of love in the world . . . the incarnation and nativity of the Lord. This little light grew until the force of that love emblazoned the whole world, starting in the hearts of all those who follow him.

This week on “The Love Project,” I’ve added links to websites and resources for married couples, especially those that could use a bit of a “faith lift.” This year Craig and I attended a Retrouvaille weekend, and it was such a wonderful experience.

If for whatever reason you would like to try something a little less . . . public, you might try the “40 Day Challenge.” At the top of this page (or over at the Extraordinary Moms Network) you will find a tab that will lead you through each day’s exercise. Each day, you will have a chance to do something small to invest in your marriage, by practicing little habits of virtue that can make the difference between a tolerable marriage . . . and a truly happy one.

But on this first day of the Love Project, I’d like to get us started by inviting you to chime in. What’s your favorite love story? Is there a particular book — or a particular story — that inspires you to make your marriage all it can be? Feel free to comment here, or send me a note at heidi.hess.saxton@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on ““What’s Your Favorite Love Story?” The Love Project, Day 1

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Heidi! I can’t think of a favorite love story off-hand, but I wanted to say thank you so much for offering this project, and I’m so glad that you had the chance to do a Retrouvaille weekend!


  2. Will a favorite song do? When ever I hear The Wedding Song, it rekindles the feelings I had on the day we were married, June 23, 1979.

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