Prayers for the Curtis Family

“Mommy Life” blogger and author Barbara Curtis suffered a serious stroke earier today, and the prognosis is not good. Barbara and her husband Tripp are the parents of 12 extraordinary children … who need our prayers.

Elizabeth Foss started a donation site for the Curtis family, in particular for tuition assistance for their daughter. If you would like to help, head on over to her site. Please say a rosary for this dear sister in Christ, for the Lord to be especially close to them all.

Lord, we cannot see the road ahead, but we trust in your abundant graces.

When we are weary, strengthen us,

When we are frightened, calm us

When we are sorrowing, comfort us.

And when we are ready, bring us home in your mighty arms.

Our Lady, Queen of Sorrows, pray for us,

now and in the hour of our death.

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