Life’s Little Surprises

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a break from thesis (yes, I’m still pounding away at it) to do some grocery shopping. I had PROMISED my advisor I would have the paper in Wednesday, and I figured that I’d need every spare minute to get it done.

Just as I hit the produce section, a “text” alert came up on my Blackberry. “Mom and I are on the road. See you tomorrow at noon.”

This was news to me. Ordinarily I’d be tickled, as we only get to spend time with my parents 2-3 times a year, especially with gas prices being what they are.  But this week … well, I wasn’t really ready to receive guests. I called my father’s cell phone and explained my predicament. “If you come Thursday, you’ll have my full attention. Any sooner than that, I’m afraid you’ll need to help me with the kids. …

“Oh, we can help you with the kids. See you tomorrow.”

Yikes. Quickly I booked a room in the local “Sleep Inn,” which has an all-season pool. Then I did the fastest “company clean” on record (the dog actually hid in her crate and refused to come out.) And now, groceries stocked and house — well, if not gleaming at least looking several shades less grimy — and Sarah in her bathing suit doing a puzzle as I type this. As long as they don’t inspect Christopher’s room or examine my refrigerator shelves, we’re good.  Craig even managed to take a morning off work, so the lawn looks presentable.

Yes, life’s little surprises are not always what we would chose, but somehow it’s all good.

What little surprises have YOU had this week?

2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Surprises

  1. Hello Heidi,

    I saw your blog on Streams of Mercey re passing of Carl Luthman, former pastor at Lafayette Federated Church. I used to live in Lafayette, and went to that church. Are you the Heidi I used to know from those days, or related to her?!

    Tim Shank, Bethesda, MD


    • Hi, Tim! My family and I went to LFC most of my growing-up years. I have 3 younger sisters — my maiden name was Heidi Hess.

      Glad you found my blog!



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