40-Day Challenge: Quiet (Day 26)

   Begin with the Prayer of Abandonment.

   Today is very simple.  Just be quiet.

    Not just on the outside, but on the inside where life gets caught in the corners.  

   First, find a timer or small alarm, so you can set the time for you to return to the “real world.” (This isn’t so you don’t take too long, but so you won’t be preoccupied with what time it is so you start looking at your watch every two minutes.)

   Next, go pour yourself a glass of iced tea or whatever, and (if the kids are with you) put on a DVD or get out a new puzzle or coloring book.  Tell them that if they can occupy themselves until the timer goes off, they will get a prize. (The real prize is a calmer, happier Mommy, but if you don’t think  that will motivate them sufficiently, popsicles may be in order.) Bring a pencil and paper if you want them.

   If  you’re at work, walk outside during your lunch hour and find a shady spot under a tree (unless you live in Michigan and another spring blizzard has struck, in which case grab a cup of hot chocolate and find a quiet spot in the basement.).  Set your timer.

   Sip, and close your eyes. Swallow, and feel the drink soothe its way down. Breathe in and out. Mentally brush aside the little niggling thoughts that worm their way into your brain.  If they’re really pesky, jot them down for later. Today, you’re just going to spend a quiet hour with God.

In your mind’s eye, go to a place where you feel calm and unhurried. (I’ve put one here in case you need inspiration — it’s one of the San Antonio missions.)  What do you smell, hear, touch?

If a thought comes to you that you want to explore, write it down. Then return to the silence.

When the timer goes off, gently and slowly get up and go back inside. Rinse your glass and put down your notebook. Don’t forget to schedule next week’s “Quiet Time” on your calendar.

Today’s Challenge:   Find a time and place once a week when you can practice this art of silence. Write it on your calendar.

Today’s Prayer:  “Speak, Lord, your daughter is listening.”

2 thoughts on “40-Day Challenge: Quiet (Day 26)

    • I remember what that was like, when Chris and Sarah were little.

      Could it be that you’re not getting enough rest? Remember, Extraordinary Moms need to take care of our own needs so we have the resources we need to tend to our Extraordinary Kids!


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