40-Day Challenge: Beauty (Day 4)

Begin with the Prayer of Abandonment

True confession time: If I get disgruntled with my messy house, I invite someone for dinner. At least that way I know I’ll be motivated to get the house clean.  Am I the only one who does this? 

Beauty, truth, and goodness are considered “primary” or “natural” virtues, in that all of them draw our attentions back to the One from whom all Beauty, Truth, and Goodness flow.  As children of God, our souls are drawn toward that which is beautiful and well-ordered. When we make an effort to reflect these qualities in our world, we become sacramentals of grace to those around us.

The temptation can be strong to “let our hair down” when it comes to our marriage, to drag out the baggy sweat pants and grow lax in taking care of ourselves in other ways. But let’s face it — our husbands are visual creatures. If we want them to “joy in the wife of their youth,” we need to make sure there is something to be happy about!

First, the basics: make that dentist appointment or check-up. Eat a salad or join a gym. Lose the sweats and try a new scent. It’s time to retire Mrs. Frump and bring out that inner Diva in you!

Today’s challenge: Surprise him! A special treat in his briefcase, a touch of scent and lipstick to greet him, a scented candle in your room. How can you make your home a more beautiful place for your sweetheart?

Today’s prayer:  Creator of the universe, everywhere I look outside I see evidence of your love for beauty and order. Help me to imitate your creativity and order in order at home as well. Amen!

2 thoughts on “40-Day Challenge: Beauty (Day 4)

  1. While my husband and I have been separated I have realized that I need to prepare for his return. So, I have prated to the Lord to mold me into the wife God made me to be and my husband needs me to be. I also look around my home and talk with my daughter about being happy and peaceful when my husband comes to the house to visit with her. I want my husband to realize that THIS is the place for his peace.

    I have lost 55lbs and each time I see him, I dress nicely and make sure that I don’t hold worry or any other negative emotions on my face. I smile and compliment him.

    Our Lord does want us to abandon ourselves to Him and our husbands, as we are all called to live in God’s will. Take care of yourselves and be prepared by God for your husband to look at you and to visually and spiritually see you, his wife and the love of his life.


  2. Lorie: I so admire this courageous stance you are taking. There is nothing quite like a confident, beautiful woman to make a man’s head turn!

    How wonderful, too, that your daughter is following your lead. May the Spirit protect her heart, and give you wisdom to know how to support her through this process, too!

    Blessings, Heidi


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