Exceptional Marriages: For when your marriage needs a little help!

Today Greg and Lisa Popcak had me on their radio program to talk about the 40 Day Challenge.  It occurs to me that I should mention to you “40 Day Challenge Gals” that the Popcaks have a phone counseling service for couples that need a little extra help.  Getting marriage counseling is a good step — getting authentic Catholic counseling (if you’re Catholic) is indispensable!  Find out more about their ministry, “Exceptional Marriages,” here.

The Popcaks also have a number of books for you do-it-yourselfers out there. One of my favorites is Holy Sex! You can order the Popcak’s books through their website, too.  God bless you!

1 thought on “Exceptional Marriages: For when your marriage needs a little help!

  1. Marriage is for life, thru thick and thin, in sickness and in health. Any issues that couples have during the course of their married life should be resolved within the marriage. Couples should not resort to divorce. Both husband and wife should be patient with each other and most especially have good communication because I think this is a key to a long lasting marriage.


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