40-Day Challenge: The Silence of Scholastica (Day 2)

Begin with the Prayer of Abandonment.

Let’s begin with a story. It’s a true story — all the best stories are true stories — about a sister who loved her brother very much.

Her name was St. Scholastica, the twin sister of St. Benedict. Each of them had pledged themselves to religious life, and the rules of the cloister were such that they saw each other only once a year, for less than a day at a time. On one occasion, after many years of this routine, Scholastica begged her brother not to return to the monastery as the day wore on, but to continue their conversation until morning. This he refused to do; rules were rules.

Scholastica did not argue with her brother. She believed he was doing what he thought was right. Nevertheless, she got down on her knees and begged God to send a storm, so that her brother would be forced to stay.  The words were hardly out of her mouth before the rain began to fall. The downpour was so violent, Benedict knew immediately that there was no way he could return to the cloister.

Shaking his head, he acquiesced to his sister’s plan, and they talked through the night. The next morning he returned to the monastery — and a short time later looked out the window and saw a dove flying toward heaven. At that moment, he knew that his sister had died.

In the book of Sirach we read, “Like the sun rising in the LORD’S heavens, the beauty of a virtuous wife is the radiance of her home. Like the light which shines above the holy lampstand, are her beauty of face and graceful figure” (Sirach 26:16-17). 

You are the light and heartbeat of your home.  Scholastica’s story reminds us that there are times when the best response is prayerful silence.  Let the lamp of love shine in your heart today.  Accept what you have. Believe in God’s goodness. Commend your family to God.

“Whatever you may do, I thank you …”   

Today’s challenge:  Today look for opportunities to practice silence.

Today’s prayer:  Lord, speak to me as I wait for Thee.

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