Thoughts on a Snowy Day

“Stormaggedon?” Hardly.

Woke up this morning with both kids and the dog in bed with us, excited beyond words about the prospect of a day at home with mom AND dad AND no school!  Woof.

It’s almost over now. A pork pie is simmering in the oven, scenting the kitchen with rosemary and garlic. The picnic table on the back deck glistens with a thick blanket of white stuff; the birds all but disappear as they land to pick up the bits of bread scattered across the table top. They look cold, but clearly hunger is more compelling than warmth.

The kids storm in from outside, pink-cheeked and exuberant. Maddy’s muzzle is white from diving into snowbanks for her precious tennis balls. She flops on the towel near my feet to pick the ice out from between her toes, then jumps up to go out again as soon as the kids warm up. After about three hours of this, the kids finally have had enough, and gobble a plate of nachos while I scronk Christopher at Monopoly. Finally they retreat to their rooms to (imagine this!) read a couple of chapters before dinnertime.

Not the most productive day of my week … but I’m sure this feeling of contentment will stay with me.

Thank God for snow days!

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