For Parents Who Wait: St. Thomas More, Patron of Adopted Kids

The other day a friend of mine was asking me about St. Thomas More, the patron saint of adopted and foster children. His feast day is June 22 — but as Advent is a time of “waiting,” and adoptive and foster parents are prone to wait, I thought I’d share this little true story with you today.

Before our children came to us, Craig and I visited London and saw the Tower where St. Thomas was held prisoner by Henry VIII. As part of the tour, the guard took us to the crypt where the head of St. Thomas was interred. Craig and I knelt before the ornate box that bore St. Thomas’ name, and asked the saint to pray for us, and for our children’s angels to protect them until it was time for us to receive them.

Watching us silently for a few moments, the guard finally admitted that the head wasn’t in the box – that to protect it against vandals, it had been buried in a space in the wall behind us. I placed my hand on the wall, and told St. Thomas that if we had a son, he would be named Thomas.

As it turned out, Craig later admitted that he wanted his son named after HIM, or at least to have his initials, and I honored his request … But Christopher knows he has his confirmation name already picked out for him!

Foster and adoptive parents need to be especially flexible and open to changes to “the plan.” And yet, like St. Thomas, we also need to be prepared to stand for truth, and to guard against the negative influences of society. As foster parents, we are often called upon to mitigate the negative effects of our children’s early experiences. Loving discipline, combined with large doses of patience (of which I am naturally in short supply, but God provides!), will help to ensure that however rocky their beginnings, our children will blossom to become God originally created them to be.

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5 thoughts on “For Parents Who Wait: St. Thomas More, Patron of Adopted Kids

  1. Such good stuff Heidi, thanks for sharing with us!! Love, love love, St. Thomas More for so many reasons.

    Our son was old enough to choose both his given name and his confirmation Saint, but perhaps if we are blessed with another son…….


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  3. Hi Heidi,
    I googled patron Saint of Adoption and found your blog about adoption and St. Thomas More. So cool, because I was feeling led to share my adoption song/video with the kids at our Catholic High School and wanted to have some information on the Patron Saint….well when I found out it was St. Thomas More, my heart just filled with joy….guess what my son’s high school is?…..Thomas More Prep! Not a coincidence, I am sure!! Praise God.
    Anyway, thought you might enjoy the link as well:

    God’s blessing to you and your lovely family!
    Elizabeth Schmeidler


  4. i had no clue awesome St. Thomas More is also the patron of adopted kids– that Saint gets cooler every day! thanks for the heads-up, Heidi!


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