Top 10 Signs That My Child Really DOES Have Homework…

10. Backpack weighs as much as a Thanksgiving turkey.

9. Planner sereptitiously stuffed under the bed.

8. Eyes dart frantically toward computer when you threaten to confirm with the teacher.

7. Claim they can’t do reading, either, because THEY CAN’T FIND THEIR LIBRARY BOOK. (And apparently the fifty ga-jillion books on our library shelves won’t do.)

6. The Moral Focus essay (ironically, on integrity and perseverance) they did during recess. (Yeah, right.)

5. Suddenly can’t find their homework folder, either.

4. They start feeling their noses to see if they’re growing.

3. Suddenly they are SO TIRED and want to take a bath, then bed. At 6:00.

2. When I remind them that lying is a mortal sin, they start talking about how long it’s been since they last went to confession. “Can we go Saturday, mom?”

1. Well … It’s South Arbor for heaven’s sake! Of COURSE there’s homework!

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