“Little Star” by Anthony DeStefano – Read it to your little star!

Happy Advent! To kick of the liturgical new year, I wanted to tell you about a wonderful children’s book I recently received from one of my favorite authors, Anthony DeStefano.

WaterBrook Press recently released Anthony DeStefano’s newest children’s book, Little Star,, which offers a poignant spin on the classic story of the Nativity.

DeStefano, whose A Travel Guide to Heaven is one of my all-time favorite books, offers this simple tale to capture the meaning of divinely inspired love that is sure to become an Advent classic. WaterBrook has long been known for its excellence in gift book packaging, and Mark Elliot’s illustrations are rich in color, and capture both the realistic detail of the human drama and the fanciful elements of talking stars.

As I read Little Star, I was immediately reminded of Therese of Lisieux, whose “little way” provides the antidote to creeping selfishness, enjoining us to perform “small tasks with great love.” People, like stars, twinkle brightest when we shine for other people.

Enjoy the book!

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