Milestones: Sarah’s First Communion!

Today is Sarah’s First Communion. I look at her, grinning up at me with that impish grin and chocolate brown eyes, and wonder where the time has gone.

Five years ago — give or take a week or two — we finalized the adoption of our two children. We had them baptized, welcoming them into God’s family as well as our own.

Sarah has been talking about this day for months. The day she gets to wear the beautiful white dress I picked up for the little girl who would one day be my daughter, even before I knew her name. She gets to wear the gloves and hairpiece her Auntie Elizabeth gave her, wishing with all her heart she could be there to celebrate the day, with our family. Above all, talking about the day she wouldn’t have to be satisfied with a blessing, but could receive Jesus Himself in the form of bread and wine.

She’s had to wait two whole years since her brother had his First Communion. At her age, two years is a lifetime.

But now she doesn’t have to wait any longer …

Thank you, heavenly Father, for the unabashed faith and love of this child.
Help me to be the kind of example she needs me to be — today and every day!

3 thoughts on “Milestones: Sarah’s First Communion!

  1. Congratulations, Sarah, and God bless you! Today as my own youngest son received his First Holy Communion I prayed for all the children who are receiving Jesus for the first time this year. (That means YOU!)

    Heidi, Little Brother was fascinated by his Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories. And I’m really impressed. It’s a lovely book and it will be well-loved and well-used by Little Brother! He’s a big fan of the Gospels since he’s named for an evangelist 🙂 so that part is going to get some heavy use, I’m sure. Later this week I’m going to give your book a plug on the blog.


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