Weeeeee… Ash Wednesday!

It was lovely, having dinner as a WHOLE FAMILY tonight! (We just got back from our trip to see my parents.) This week we’ve been talking about how we’ll observe Lent this year, and have come up with the following:

Dad:  No ice cream or chocolate.

He:  “Both? Do I really need to do both?”
Me:  “I will if you will.”
He:  *sigh* “Okay, then.”
Me:  “That’s the spirit!”

Me:  No ice cream or chocolate. Plus my “Forty-Day House Re-Treat”

Christopher.  Will not smack his sister. Oh, and the candy thing.

Sarah.  Will not yell at mom. Since brother can’t smack, may yell at brother instead. 😉

As a family:  Read together one story from my new book, “My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories.”  (Give you any ideas?! 🙂

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