Wee Read Wednesday: “Handbook for Catholic Moms”

Happy Ash Wednesday!  Are you a bit late picking up your Lenten reading?  Here’s an idea for you …

CatholicMom.com creator and podcasting dynamo Lisa Hendey is a consummate networker, forging partnerships and making connections between women (and a few lucky men) with charm and grace. Using the most cutting-edge “new media,” including multiple blogs and podcasts, she has become a force to be reckoned with … and yet a kinder, gentler soul you could never hope to meet.

Her latest contribution to the media is a book entitled The Handbook for Catholic Moms, a dip-in-and-set-aside, mom-friendly offering that brings to min the kind of connections that were for centuries part-and-parcel of the womanly experience … dispensing and gleaning nuggets of feminine around the village well, quilting frame, or (more recently) the comment sections of  e-zines such as “Faith and Family Online.”

This book, then, is vintage Hendey. Drawing from the collective wisdom of dozens of faith-filled women, Hendey edits and expertly arranges each offering into readily accessible form, with sections dedicated to healthy hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.  Checklists, quotes, online resource, and snippets of advice are intermingled with the wisdom of saints and prayer starters on topics ranging from health maintenance to character formation to friendship and intimacy.

Pick up a copy to savor the next time you need a relaxing read!

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