Does Someone You Love Have Cancer?

I received the following announcement from an old high-school buddy, Michael Paulison, about a new Christian cancer treatment center that is opening next spring. Do you know someone who needs this resource?


Does someone you know have cancer?  Are they interested in a better quality of life and alternative treatments?  In the past if they desired alternative treatments, they would have to go to one of the three world-renowned clinics. They could go to the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, the Sanoviv clinic in Mexico or the Wiley Clinic in San Diego.  There are other small clinics, but these are the three most well known due to their very unique styles of treatment. Now there is another option!

The Robert Calhoun Center is opening in April in the beautiful foothills of the Rockies and will combine all of the techniques used in the clinics mentioned above and more!  We have secured a 20,000 square foot home that has been recognized as one of the 100 nicest homes in the world. Our clinic will welcome eight clients at a time for a three-week session which will bring you the best in spiritual, holistic, and alternative treatments from around the world in a unique retreat setting!!  The following are some of our treatment methods:

1. Acupressure and Acupuncture
2. Balance and assessment of the median using techniques founded by world famous Dr. Nii
3. Personalized prayer partnership
4. Psychiatric counseling and breathing techniques
5. Hydro-therapy
6. Normalizing pH levels that can help stop cancer in its tracks.   This is the goal of the Rau diet from Switzerland.
7. Sleep therapy.  We will be using the program designed by the T.S. Wiley in San Diego.
8. Detoxification methods
9. Hyperthermia treatment
10. Myofacial therapy
11. Hormone Therapy
12. The SRM method- this is a unique chiropractic method designed by physician in New York to deal with pain.

These are very unique methods and you can find out more about them once our websites are up and running in January.

I wanted to let you know now, so you can let others know and take advantage of an amazing offer.  Anyone who signs up as a client by the end of the year will receive a 25% discount off the price of a three-week stay at the center.

This kind of treatment can be costly so the center has dedicated itself to finding unique financial planning methods that make it financially feasible for about 70% of the people in America. In order to make this facility accessible to everyone, we will also give one full scholarship a month and one half scholarship a session.  The goal is to give those with cancer the best chance of survival and healing.  These techniques have been found to be very successful even for those who have been declared cancer free. Studies have shown that if you have previously had cancer, there is a 25% chance you will have a re-occurrence in your lifetime.  These treatments have been found to drastically reduce that chance.

If you know someone who might benefit from this treatment please contact me as soon as possible to get this discount by the end of the year.  If you want to be placed on an email list in order to receive all the latest information about the Center please let me know as well.


Mike Paulison- Senior Care Representative 

Contact information:

Or call me at 303-249-0333

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